Bill Barr Order Issued… Hillary Is Freaking Out

A stunning order was just issued, and Attorney General William Barr could be about to make a huge move. Hillary Clinton is freaking out. It is time for justice to be served.

“Attorney General Barr and the Justice Department have more than enough evidence, uncovered by Judicial Watch, of course, to reopen the Clinton email investigation,” declared Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton in video.

According to Fitton, his government watchdog group believes that the evidence is there “to not only investigate Hillary Clinton, but her former colleages at the State Department, frankly, in the Obama White House, and in the Justice Department itself.”

Fitton went on to expalin the testimony that Judicial Watch obtained from a former State Department official, and it’s damning to everyone involved in the Benghazi debacle, the email scandal, and the subseqent cover up.

Between this testimony and ones obtained before, there is a train of proof showing “the Obama White House being involved with a cover up, Hillary Clinton being warned twice about email usage and security issues, warnings she acknowledged,” said Fitton.

“The State Department knew almost immediately that Hillary Clinton was using an email system that wasn’t being searched in response to FOIAs and congressional requests and other inquiries,” continued Fitton. “And the obstruction hasn’t stopped.”

See the full story here.

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