Bill Barr Obstruction Bombshell – Completely Busted

President Donald Trump is becoming frustrated with FBI Director Christopher Wray. John Comey’s replacement is reportedly refusing to cooperate with Attorney General William Barr’s attempts to find out about spying attempts early in the Trump administration by burying documents and refusing to let personnel be interviewed, according to the Gateway Pundit.

Independent investigative reporter Paul Sperry tweeted about the problems, saying Trump has “soured” on Wray. The new director has also avoided taking an action to look into or condemn Obama’s spying on the opposition in 2016 before the election.

Wray has said he has “no evidence” of any spying in spite of House Intelligence memos to the contrary.

The same way Trump fired Comey, he can also fire Wray and try again to find someone not part of the Deep State that attempted to throw him out of office with an investigation based on no real evidence and biased attempts to help his opponents get non-existent dirt on him and overturn a legitimate election.

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