Bill Barr Makes His Move… Media Going Nuts

U.S. Attorney General William Barr has Democrats buzzing about his latest move–booking a holiday party at a Trump hotel. Democrats and the Washington Post–but I repeat myself–expressed their outrage at the move and claimed it was another example of Barr pandering to Trump and being partisan.

In reality, Barr says he tried at least two other hotels before settling on the one owned by Trump, and that be also consulted “career ethics officials” who said it was fine for him to have a party at a Trump property.

The party is estimated to bring in $30,000 to the Trump hotel in D.C. It is being billed as a “family holiday party” and attendance is expected to be around 200.

Barr is paying for the gala himself and no government money is being used. Still, Democrats point to cronyism.

Trump’s companies are being held in trust for him while he serves as president, but he does benefit from them financially.

Read the full story here.

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