Bill Barr Just Ordered Their ARREST… [Developing]

The Department of Justice has arrested 281 suspected email scammers across 10 countries in a crackdown on online scams that led to wire fraud and other forms of monetary theft, Fox News reported.

$3.7 million was also seized in the roundup. Most of the arrests were in Nigeria, with many also being reported in the U.S., Ghana and Turkey.

Over 250,000 identities were stolen in order to file fraudulent over 10,000 tax returns and receive more than $91 million in refunds. Other scams included employment scams in which people are apparently overpaid for work they did and then asked to wire the overpayment back to the company before any funds actually hit their account.

“The FBI is working every day to disrupt and dismantle the criminal enterprises that target our businesses and our citizens,” said FBI Director Christopher A. Wray in a statement.

Online scams worldwide between June 2016 and July 2019 cost victims $26 billion.

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