Bill Barr Jail Decision… White House Fuming [Breaking]

Leave it to Democrats to threaten a man with jail time for refusing to subvert federal law.

That’s what House Judiciary Committee Charman Jerry Nadler’s recent threat against Attorney General Bill Barr amounts to.

Nadler’s ultimatum is that Barr will be cited for contempt of Congress unless he pursues a court order permitting a fully unredacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report on the Russia collusion probe.

A fully unredacted report would expose secret grand jury testimony, which cannot legally be done unless Congress moves forward with impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Meanwhile, Barr has given clearance to a select group of both Democrat and Republican lawmakers to view a version of the report that only conceals the secret grand jury testimony.

But as White Hosue Press Secretary Sarah Sanders noted, “Not a single Democrat has yet to go read the less-redacted version of the report.”

Read the full story here.

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