Bill Barr INDICTMENT Decision – It’s Happening

Bill Barr swore to get to the bottom of the corruption in Washington. Now we may be close to hearing exactly what that means.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter was already warned that criminal referrals are coming. And Inspector General Michael Horowitz has been leading an investigation into the Obama administration’s Trump-Russia investigation.

But beyond the Horowitz report, there’s a bigger crisis looming for corrupt Democrats – the Durham report.

Bill Barr, as US Attorney General, made the decision to appoint John Durham to investigate the investigators, and the chances that he returns indictments are rising quickly.

There is a huge amount of evidence that points to FISA court abuse. The Obama administration threw out checks and balances in the name of stopping Trump.

Wielding the power of the federal government against a political opponent is a terrible thing to do. Heads need to roll for this abuse.

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