Bill Barr INDICTMENT Bombshell – He’s Doing It

Attorney General William Barr said the Durham investigation into the origins of the Trump Russia collusion probe is progressing well and that Durham will “get to the bottom of things.”

Barr told Fox News the investigation is “making great progress” and that Durham’s reputation is helping uncover facts about how the investigation began.

“We’ll let the chips fall where they may,” Barr said. “I think they all know John Durham’s reputation and we’ll just see how it turns out.”

Barr also said FBI Director Christopher Wray and his team have been responsive and supportive of the probe.

Republicans are counting on indictments or at least a report that shows wrongdoing on the part of former FBI Director James Comey, former DNI head James Clapper, and others in the way they went after Trump to investigate him even before he took office in 2017.

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