Bill Barr INDICTMENT Alert – This Is MASSIVE

A news alert just broke about a massive indictment. Attorney General William Barr is all over it, and there’s more to come. Panic has taken hold in Washington, DC.

Guy Lewis, a former U.S. attorney, appeared on Fox News recently and broke it all down. Led by Attorney General Barr, the Justice Department’s investigation into the Trump-Russia “collusion” probe could result in criminal indictments.

Lewis specifically focused on the anticipated report from Inspector Geneeral Michael Horowitz on the use of the Foreign Intelligene Surveillance Act (FISA) to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. Lewis expects it to be “hard-hitting.”

He noted that Horowitz has “spent almost two years interviewing various people — witnesses. Looking at what he describes [as] almost a million documents. And I think he’s going to make recommendations regarding prosecution.”

One has to wonder if Lewis has anyone in particular in mind, but he didn’t mention any names. What’s clear is that he’s confidence someone (or even a few people) will be held accountable.

Former FBI Director James Comey led the effort to obtain FISA warrants, and the FBI allegedly left out information in the agency’s submissions that would’ve made it more difficult to get the warrants in the first place. It’s time for justice.

Read the full story here.

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