Bill Barr Indictment Alert – Media Exploding

The mainstream media is exploding. An indictment alert just dropped and Attorney General William Barr is involved. DC will never be the same.

But it isn’t Barr who is in trouble. Emboldened by President Trump, Barr is taking the war to top intelligence officials who used the cover of official government activity to conduct a witch-hunt against Trump.

Kevin R. Brock, writing for The Hill, notes the calculated moves made by Barr to blow this conspiracy wide open, which includes the appointment of U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate the Trump-Russia probe.

“Through Durham, Barr can start dusting for fingerprints across the government, not just the FBI. The squirming has begun,” writes Brock.

Brock, a former assistant director of intelligence for the FBI, makes it clear that those involved in originating and carrying out the ‘collusion’ investigation into Trump’s campaign are quaking in their loafers.

In fact, Comey “has been on a media offensive, practicing character assassination as a strategy with Barr among those in his crosshairs.” Yes, Comey and his anti-Trump allies are worried. They should be.

Read the full story here.

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