Bill Barr Emergency Confirmed… It Looks Bad

Attorney General William Barr just confirmed an emergency. It looks bad, and he’s doing everything he can to solve the crisis.

Visiting Alaska with Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Barr promised Alaskans that he would confront the “emergency” that has overwhelmed local law enforcement — many of them undertrained and underequipped.

For many years, the state has suffered from rampant crime, including sexual assault, and a tragic shortage of police officers to keep the peace. This is especially the case in the Bethel region.

In the town of Napaskiak, tribal chief Stephen Maxie Jr. asked Barr to issue a formal state of emergency to address the pernicious issue, and Barr indicated he was open to all options.

 “These problems have been known for a long time. Now we have to try and deliver some solutions,” said Barr, speaking to about 75 townspeople.

Later on, he said, “The important thing is to figure out where we are headed, where those resources are going to be spent and what kind of system they are going to support.”

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