Bill Barr Devastated – Horrifying Order Received…

Attorney General William Barr is devastated. He just received a horrifying order from a liberal judge and Americans should be very concerned. This is unreal.

U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman, who was nominated by then-President Bill Clinton in 1999, ruled that Attorney General Barr’s cannot enforce his plan to indefinitely detain some asylum-seekers entering the country.

Judge Pechman lashed out at Barr in her ruling and said that it’s “unconstitutional to deny these class members a bond hearing while they await a final determination of their asylum request.”

Barr’s order on asylum-seekers simply stated that anyone seeking refuge in the United States would need to credibly prove they are refugees needing protection from violence. This is about national security.

“I conclude that such aliens remain ineligible for bond, whether they are arriving at the border or are apprehended in the United States,” wrote Barr in a letter establishing the policy.

Simply put, Barr is stating that those unable to show they’re in danger if sent back to their home country cannot be immediately released on bond into the United States. It’s a commonsense rule to protect America from bad actors.

Read the full story here.

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