Bill Barr CLOSES IN… Trump Is Celebrating

Attorney General William Barr is closing in. President Trump and his supporters are celebrating, but the Democrats are terrified. It’s all over for them.

According to One America News Network’s (OAN) Jack Posobiec, government watchdog group Judicial Watch has uncovered a list of political targets — many of them Trump allies — allegedly used by the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine.

Former Ambassador Marie Yavanovitch, an Obama-appointee who was “recalled by President Trump,” recently testified against Trump “behind closed doors,” but “just days later we see this report from Judicial Watch naming a list,” said Posobiec.

Posobiec continued by identifying it as a “watch list that she put together at the Embassy, but then also reached back to her colleagues at the State Department headquarters asking for more resources” for “monitoring.”

The list reportedly included “myself,” said Posobiec, along with “a number of other journalists, Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Guiliani, and the list goes on.” Judicial Watch has followed with a Freedom of Information Act request to uncover more.

Posobiec noted that “we’re not sure exactly yet what exactly the scope of this monitoring was, whether or not it was simply following on-air reports and tweets or whether or not it included something further with government resources.”

See the full story here.

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