Bill And Hillary Exposed in Massive Coverup

Birds of a feather flock together, so it’s no surprise that the Clintons and Harvey Weinstein had a cozy relationship. Weinstein once donated to Bill Clinton’s defense fund during the Lewinsky scandal, and he was a fundraising fixture during Hillary’s 2016 presidential run. What is surprising is how reckless the Clinton presidential campaign was in disregarding the potential fallout if Weinstein’s crimes became public.

On at least two separate occasions, high ranking figures in the Clinton campaign were warned that Weinstein was a rapist and a predator. Both times, the warnings were ignored. It’s clear that the coverup came from the top. The Clinton crime dynasty was built on the idea that the perks of power include helpless victims for Bill to prey on. And both Clintons have long believed they are above the law.

They may be right. Unlike Weinstein, they still haven’t paid for their crimes. (Read More…) 

Democrat attempts to impeach Trump, House votes a resounding ‘No’

Well, that was embarrassing. Ultra-left Texas Rep. Al Green launched a doomed effort to initiate impeachment proceedings in the House on Wednesday. The response was swift. 364 members of the House immediately voted to table his resolution, mercifully putting it out of its misery.

Green is a bit more delusional than the majority of his Democratic colleagues, no small feat these days. In the runup to his embarrassing floor failure, he listed Trump’s offenses as “White Nationalism, Neo-Nazism and Hate,” as well as “Inciting Hatred and Hostility.”

While the accusations of Neo-Nazism and white nationalism are laughable, Green is right on at least one point — Trump has managed to incite the left to insane levels of “hatred” and “hostility.” The foaming and frothing about his every move is both sad and embarrassing. But mostly, it’s just funny. (Read More…)  

Obama compares Trump to Hitler

Barack Obama made a career out of concealing revolutionary Marxist views behind a veneer of academic respectability. But occasionally he lets the mask slip. In a speech to a Chicago audience, Obama made one of the most extreme and vile slanders against a sitting president by a former one, ever.

In a not-so-subtle liberal dog-whistle, Obama warned of rising “nativism” in the U.S. (a jab at Trump) and then went straight for the Hitler analogy. Adolf Hitler rose to power in a democracy, he noted. “Sixty million people died. … So, you’ve got to pay attention. And vote.” Left unsaid was the clear implication — only a Democratic vote can save us from fascism.

Obama has always looked at Republicans, and indeed most Americans (remember, the “bitter clingers” were rural Democrats) as ignorant, racist, and backwards. But he’s taken it to a new level now. Apparently, if you disagree with him, you must be a “nativist” who is impatient to start killing 60 million people. And Democrats wonder why they’re losing the American people. (Read More…) 

Supreme Court deals a blow to activist judges, hands Trump a victory on ‘travel ban’

On Monday, the Supreme court lifted the temporary lower-court stays on President Trump’s travel ban. It’s a big win for Trump, and a big loss for the 5th and 9th circuit courts who took it upon themselves to legislate from the bench.

Not only did the Court lift the stays, but they did so on a 7-2 vote. Apparently, the Supreme Court is realizing that it needs to stick to interpreting the law instead of playing politics. That’s a positive trend for Trump.  (Read More…) 

Democrat congresswoman Judy Chu arrested at immigration rally

Getting arrested at a “civil rights” protest has become a must-have accessory for social justice warriors and the politicians who pander to them. In fact, in the liberal protest mecca of Berkeley, CA, the city police allow protesters to fill out an application form requesting “symbolic arrests” for virtue-signaling purposes.

We don’t have any evidence to indicate that that’s what happened to Democrat Congresswoman Judy Chu, who was recently arrested at an immigration rally on Capitol Hill. True, the fact that Chu posted, “On my way to go get arrested,” on Twitter prior to the rally is a bit suspicious, but perhaps she was obnoxious enough to get arrested the old fashioned way, sans application forms. (Read More…) 

Trey Gowdy shuts down Democrats who claim a criminal case is coming for Trump

Appearing on Fox’s Special Report, Rep. Trey Gowdy was in his usual fine form. Asked about the possibility of Trump being brought up on obstruction of justice charges, Gowdy was emphatic; there’s no chance.

Based on the memos of former FBI Director James Comey, Gowdy commented: “If Comey felt obstructed, he did a masterful job keeping it out of any of his memos.” Gowdy went on: “They were talking about collusion this time six months ago but there’s no evidence of that, so now they pivoted to obstruction of justice.”

Gowdy has a way of getting at the heart of the issue; just like the Russian collusion narrative, the obstruction of justice probe is based on wishful thinking by Democrats who can’t bring themselves to believe that Trump actually won. (Read More…)

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