Big Supreme Court Decision – It’s Official

As the print deadline for the 2020 census looms near, the Supreme Court has raised the stakes for an upcoming case over the Trump administration’s order to add a citizenship question.

The conservative-majority high court has decided to resolve whether asking census takers if they are U.S. citizens violates the Constitution.

Previously, the court only intended to consider whether the change ran afoul of the Administrative Procedure Act, but now it will also weigh whether the Constitution’s Enumeration Clause forbids it.

The citizenship question has become a hot button issue, not because of obscure legal objections, but because the outcome could alter the number of congressional seats allotted to Democrat-leaning districts.

The left has claimed that the citizenship question is designed to scare immigrants and Latinos away from filling out census forms, which would reduce the population count in majority Democrat states.

However, legal citizens faces no danger in reporting that they are citizens. To the contrary, the citizenship question is a small step toward reducing the real problem of non-citizens and illegal immigrants being counted in the census.

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