Big News: Trey Gowdy Confirms Rumors…

Trey Gowdy may have left politics, but if you believed rumors that he was going to be a cultural force going forward, you have just been proven right.
In response to President Trump’s Wednesday comments regarding hypothetical opposition research, actress Alyssa Milano tweeted the following:

Milano is an outspoken critic of the President, and was one of the first to pounce on, and distort his words.
Trey Gowdy wasn’t having any of it, pointing to the actress’s previous hyperbolic reactions, such as her infamous sex strike, during a Fox News interview.
He went on to explain that America is a strong country, capable of withstanding a lot, ‘including her acting’.
It seems Gowdy isn’t phased by Milano’s celebrity status, and we can expect him to be a powerful force going into 2020.
Read the full story here.
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