Breaking: Big ‘marriage’ news from Melania and Donald Trump

What excuses or crazy stories will liberals make up now? No matter what happens between the First Couple, they spin it as negative and say the two are on the brink of divorce… And they’re always wrong.

To the disappointment of liberals and the media, the President and Melania were seen holding hands while attending Easter services at the Florida church where they were married. Despite the happy image of them, there’s no doubt their critics will be back at it soon.

Good for Donald and Melania for taking some time with each other over the holiday. They’ll need a break from the unrelenting hostility that’s sure to follow from the left. (Read More…)

Jeb Bush strikes a low blow at Trump’s family: My children ‘actually love me’

Low energy Jeb is still mad about losing the 2016 Republican primaries, apparently. Instead of putting his energy into bettering his community or the country, he has decided instead to complain about President Trump.

At an event at Yale,  Jeb threw a jab at the President. While talking about his children, Jeb said his children “actually love” him, implying that the Trump’s kids don’t. He should have learned his lesson during the primaries and quietly bowed out of the spotlight. (Read More…)

Republican strategist says ‘storm’ is coming for Trump: ‘Get good legal help now’

Alex Castellanos, a Republican strategist who has worked on multiple presidential campaigns just gave Donald Trump a serious warning. Castellanos is worried that Democrats could have something on which to impeach President Trump. Impeaching just means bringing charges, not removing from office.

If Democrats win the primaries, Castellanos thinks they’ll impeach him just to continue discrediting the president but this time with a Congressional majority. That sounds like Democrats; since they can’t win an election, they play dirty and cheat. (Read More…)

Trey Gowdy: Congress ‘leaks like the Gossip Girls’

This is why I wish Rep. Gowdy hadn’t decided to leave Congress. I understand why he can’t put up with the lies, political hackery, and deception, but his presence in the House is refreshing and comforting.

On Face the Nation this Sunday, Gowdy said that Congress is “incapable of conducting serious investigations,” and that the leaks coming from the high profile investigations are “like the Gossip Girls.”

Few politicians are better than Gowdy at cutting through the noise and telling it like it is. Congress is pathetic. (Read More…)

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