Big Jared Kushner Announcement – Dems Are Furious

Although Trump has named budget director Mick Mulvany the acting chief of staff, the permanent position is still very much in play. Jared Kushner is being considered for that position and Democrats are furious.

Led by socialist mouthpiece Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrats are lambasting Kushner. Ocasio-Cortez tweeted:

Leave aside the irony of Ocasio-Cortez judging someone on their “smartness.” Her criticism of nepotism is rank hypocrisy in a party that championed the rise of Hillary Clinton, whose only qualification was that she was married to a U.S. president.

Kushner is smart, competent, and experienced, having multiple foreign policy successes under his belt, including the Middle East plan. More importantly, the chief of staff serves the president, and the President is entitled to a chief that he can trust and work well with. Kushner appears to fit the bill and there’s nothing that Democrats can do about it.

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