Big Ivanka Trump Career News – Donald Trump Just…

Major news about Ivanka Trump just dropped. President Donald Trump sent out the notice, and millions are stunned. The DC swamp is outraged.

Sharing a photo on Twitter of his eldest daughter, Ivanka, on a much-deserved vacation with her husband, President Trump said, “Two incredible people. I can’t believe they’re not working (few work harder)!”

Given how much flack Ivanka recieves from Democrats and their allies in the liberal media, it is important that the president made it publicly known just how hard she and her husband work on behalf of Americans. It’s good for Ivanka’s career.

Ironically, even though Ivanka is an intelligent, strong, and successful woman, she’s been visciously maligned by Democrats who constantly play the gender card to score political points. They are total hypocrites when it comes to Ivanka.

To Democrats, Ivanka is fair game because she’s the daugther of President Trump — and it doesn’t matter to them what she does. They treat other Republican women exactly the same way.

Ivanka and Jared have been on a family trip with their children over the past few days. Considering they get very little rest, it is nice to see them get a little time to relax and reset.

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