Biden’s Wife Slips Up – Accidentally Tells His Secret…

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s wife just slipped up. She accidentally told his secret, and now Biden’s presidential campaign is imploding.

During a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Jill Biden admitted something huge to Democratic voters. She said that even though “your candidate might be better on, I don’t know, healthcare,” they should still vote for her husband.

She said, “So yes, you know, your candidate might be better on, I don’t know, healthcare than Joe is, but you’ve got to look at who’s going to win this election.”

Biden went on to say that “maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say, ‘OK, I personally like so and so better,’ but your bottom line has to be that we have to beat Trump.” Somehow, she thinks this argument is going to convince voters.

Well, it may be enough for the Democratic base to give Joe Biden the nomination, but it won’t be enough to beat President Trump. American voters at large won’t buy the “beat Trump” sentiment.

The truth is this: If this is all Democrats have to go on, Trump has already won. The election in 2020 will just formalize his re-election. And that’s when liberals are going to really lose their minds.

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