BREAKING: Criminal Indictment Rocks Biden White House – Elections in Question

Recent crimewaves across America are an indicting reality on exactly what kind of job the sitting president is doing.

If the people don’t respect the president, they’re less likely to respect the country, and less likely to respect the laws. Pile on top of that liberals’ soft-on-crime approach and you have the perfect breeding ground for crime in America.

That’s why we’re seeing record numbers.

Record numbers not just in relation to crime figures, but record numbers on how many voters think that crime is going to be an important issue in midterm elections.

Perhaps powered mostly by Biden’s inability to control it, 83% of Americans believe that crime will be an important issue in midterm elections.

The figure comes from a Rasmussen poll, which also found that 65% of voters believe that violent crime in America is “getting worse.”

Yeah, no kidding. That’s because it is. And Biden’s to blame.

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