BREAKING: Joe Manchin Exposes Biden’s SICK Plan – Unbelievable…

Gas prices continue to soar.

Most liberals aren’t willing to hold Joe Biden and his administration for this mess.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia is NOT one of them.

Manchin is the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman, and used this position to hammer the Biden administration’s energy policy.

Manchin is furious over the 9,000 currently unused oil and gas leases in the country.

The government could “spur them into use” and pass the relief onto American’s wallets.

But Biden refuses to do that. In fact, instead of helping Americans, he’s been really determined to send $40 BILLION to Ukraine lately, and has chastised anyone who’s dared to ask to see how the money will be spent.

How the government spends YOUR tax dollars is none of your concern, according to Biden.

Despite his designation as a Democrat, Joe Manchin is a man of common sense.

And that makes him an enemy to the Democratic party.

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