Biden’s Medical Secret Leaked – It’s Over

Supporters and critics alike are wondering why Biden has been largely absent on the campaign trail since becoming a candidate on May 18. A town hall on Tuesday and another small event on June 4th are the only upcoming appearances on Biden’s calendar, but why?

The Daily Mail reported that audiences may be seeing Biden as more of a “Grandpa Joe” than “Uncle Joe.” Maybe Biden and others in his campaign are trying to avoid letting too many people see that he’s not what he once was.

It has been 11 years since Biden first became vice-president, and he hasn’t had to campaign for six years. He is now 76 years old, and would be into his 80s during his first term if he did become president.

No medical conditions have been identified yet, but Trump’s Biden moniker “Sleepy Joe” does not bode well for an active and lively campaign. For now, Biden is riding his frontrunner status and trying to avoid conflict with his base by being largely absent from events and media coverage.

It might be a good strategy for this early part of the campaign, but eventually the public is going to need to see Biden in order to decide whether to support him. Is a 76-year-old really the best candidate the Democrat party has to offer?

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