BREAKING: President Biden NAILED In Fighter Jet Scandal – He’s Going Down…

Sleepy Joe Biden is a bungling mess, there’s no doubt about it.

It was all fun and games for a while, but now we’re starting to see the type of damage that Joe’s incompetence is really doing.

All of a sudden, it’s not funny anymore.

When there’s a war going on and people’s lives are at stake, do YOU trust Biden?

I sure don’t.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Representative Michael McCaul, a Republican from Texas, feels the same way.

Appearing on Fox News, McCaul said that “I give the administration marks for getting NATO together. The UN Security Council — the resolution 141-5. But then, when he goes off-script, Harris, every time he does that, he seems to cause an international incident, and we get way off of messaging. It’s not the policy of the United States to have regime change. And he’s always talking about not escalating, which is the reason why they didn’t send the MiG jets into Ukraine in the first place. Because they don’t want to be too provocative.”

You can see the interview here:

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