Biden’s Dark Secret Leaks… This Will End Him

Joe Biden said on Tuesday that rich campaign donors would not see much change if they elected him, despite socialist-seeming leanings in recent days, the Daily Caller reported.

“You all are going to do fine,” he said, according to the Washington Examiner. “And you deserve to do fine because you’ve broken your necks, and you’ve done well, and you’ve earned what you’ve got.”

Biden’s dark secret is that he’s playing all the progressives who want him to rob the rich of everything they have. Biden is a moderate and he knows what will happen if he taxes the rich too much–they will stop donating to Democrat campaigns and they will leave for greener pastures elsewhere.

But–Biden wants their campaign money, so he isn’t going to double cross them – or is he? Maybe he’s just playing the rich so they will support and elect him, only to get their pockets picked anyway.

Regardless, no one can trust Joe, because he won’t stop flip flopping. And you know what happened to the last presidential hopeful who flip flopped.

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