BREAKING: Biden Withdrawal Notice Shocks Voters – White House Is…

Two Republican Senators are pleading with the White House to remove America from the World Health Organization.

After all of the secrets, mishandlings, and criminal activity surrounding the outbreak of COVID that has plagued the globe since 2020, these Senators are certain that America would have been better off finding its own solution to the problem instead of getting involved with incompetent governments across the world and having to play by their rules.

Senator Steve Daines, a Republican from Montana, and Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas are calling on Joe Biden to officially remove America from WHO.

While Biden continually gives WHO more power over America and its allies, Daines and Cotton realize that this is NOT the way to make things better.

“The WHO severely mismanaged the pandemic, failed to get public health information to the world, and willingly promoted misinformation that helped Communist China cover up its responsibility for a global pandemic,” the Senators said. “We are deeply troubled by these proposed policies that threaten to erode America’s sovereign power to address public health emergencies as we see fit. The WHO cannot be trusted to properly exercise its current powers; it absolutely cannot be trusted with more power.”

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