BREAKING: Biden Weakness Worries Democrat Insiders – Report Stuns Voters…

Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, recently gave Joe Biden the business over Joe’s “weakness” when it comes to foreign policy.

From America’s southern border, to Joe’s premature evacuation in Afghanistan, to the Ukraine ordeal… Joe Biden has failed on foreign policy pretty much no matter what direction you look in.

Cotton is furious at Biden because Joe “projected weakness and conciliated with Vladimir Putin throughout 2021.”

“What we should stop doing is worrying about what Vladimir Putin thinks is escalatory; quit letting him set the terms of how we will support Ukraine,” Cotton claimed. “We should get off of the back foot, get on the front foot, and make Vladimir Putin worried about what will be escalatory.”

“President Biden projected weakness and conciliated with Vladimir Putin throughout 2021. I think there’s a big measure of that driven by the Iran nuclear deal. Remember, the Ayatollahs wouldn’t even sit down with Joe Biden’s representatives at those negotiations, so he was relying, in effect, on Russia to be his lawyers representing the United States to Iran. And to this day, he is still relying on Russia to try to seal a nuclear deal with Iran at a time when Russia is waging a brutal war of aggression in Ukraine and when Iran is shooting ballistic missiles into Iraq, nearly destroying our consulate in Erbil.”

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