BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Tragic News – He’s Finished

They call themselves the “Party of Tolerance.” Every so often, we get a reminder that this slogan is only true when you agree with them.

They will not tolerate outspeak against their groupthink, even if the person speaking out is one of their own begging the rest of the group to find their senses before they destroy the foundation of America.

The only Democrat Senator to oppose the “For the People Act,” Joe Manchin isn’t buying in to Biden’s baloney.

Just to remind everyone: It is INCREDIBLY easy for legal citizens to vote. You click a few buttons online, and you show up with an ID. If people can’t meet those qualifications, maybe they shouldn’t be voting?

Of course, Democrats know that if they’re the ones allowing illegal immigrants and dead people to vote, then the dead person and illegal immigrant demographic is going to skew heavily to their side come election season!

But Joe Manchin knows that these are the things that divide America. And as he puts it, “I’m not supporting that because I think it would divide us further. I don’t want to be in a country that’s divided any further than I’m in right now. I love my country and I think my Democrat and Republican colleagues feel the same. If we continue to divide it and separate us more, it’s not going to be united and it’s not going to be the country that we love and know and it’s going to be hard because it will be back and forth no matter who’s in power.”

I don’t agree with Joe Manchin on everything, but when he says something as profound as this, Democrats should start listening.

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