BREAKING: Biden Family Scheme EXPOSED – Hunter’s Secret Plan Is…

As if the expected price tags ($75,000 – $500,000) for Hunter Biden’s “art” pieces didn’t raise enough eyebrows, another detail just got out that all but proves there are shady dealings going on.

After all, the Biden’s practically waved a huge red flag over this whole “art” scam Hunter’s got going when it was revealed that buyers of the artwork are going to be kept private.

Now, this is normal for art sales, I’m NOT saying that there is anything shady about this in the world of art. It’s reasonable for buyers with presumably large art collections just waiting to be burgled to not want criminals to know where to find the next Mona Lisa. But there IS a problem with this in the world of politics. Throw in a little dash of the abstract subjectivity that comes with evaluating art, combine it with the hidden finances of the transactions, and it’s a perfect haven for this new little operation Hunter’s got going on.

Think about it man, this is a guy who’s never worked a day in his life, so why would he start now?

Here’s a hint: HE’S NOT GOING TO.

Instead, he’s going to throw a little paint on the canvas, tell anybody who doesn’t think it’s beautiful that they’re uncultured, and sell it to anonymous buyers for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s a seemingly unstoppable plan.

Good job Hunter, you’re doing what you’re doing best: doing as little as possible and living high off the family name.

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