BREAKING: Joe Biden SLAMMED Down In Shocking Act [Read Here]

Liberals WANT you to think that you’re some sort of alt-right conspiracy theorist if you think there’s anything wrong with Joe Biden mentally, or the job that Biden’s been doing.

Here’s an 80-year-old man who can’t even keep his own son out of the gutters, and they abuse us into thinking that criticizing the man makes us some sort of homophobic or sexist bigot.

They’re simply lying to us.

In fact, WE’RE the ones in the majority.

While the White House and their puppets like CNN want you to think that you’re in the minority for criticizing Joe, the simple fact of the matter is that most of America does NOT like the man.

The only thing less popular than Joe’s personality, is his economy.

An Associated Press poll recently revealed that 70% of Americans would rate Biden’s economy as “terrible.”

But CNN keeps telling us that WE’RE the fringe for criticizing him…

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