BREAKING: Biden Death Notice Shocks Congress – Nation On Alert

Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, is NOT happy with Joe Biden.

To be honest, like many other Americans, Graham hasn’t liked Biden for quite some time. But this Afghanistan deal has just pushed him and millions of others over the edge.

It shows what Biden cares about, and it definitely isn’t the future of the United States of America.

On August 24, Graham stopped by Fox News to talk about Biden kneeling to the Taliban and agreeing to have all American influence out of the country on August 31.

“Biden is signing the death warrant of thousands of Afghans who helped us,” Graham said. He called it “the most dishonorable thing a commander-in-chief has done in modern times.”

“I don’t think he’s going to get away with it, politically. I think there will be an uprising at home. It’s the most dishonorable thing a commander-in-chief has done in modern times. What he has said today is that he’s going to leave 31 of August because the Taliban told him they have to get out. There’s no way in hell we get all of the American citizens out. We are going to leave thousands of Afghans who fought along our side behind, and we’re setting the table for the rise of Al Qaeda and ISIS to attack us down the road. The ISIS fighters … have doubled in the last 10 days. The jailbreak led to thousands of ISIS fighters in jail and on the battlefield. So, yeah, I’m telling you it is over; that President Biden has signed the death warrant for thousands of Afghans who helped us. He’s washing his hands of Afghanistan.”

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  6. NO Clue JOE is there , but cares about NO one else , except His money tree with the crime familys of the world
    JOE is a Flake, Idiot, Narcicistic EVIL person who is not the president of the us
    he is a pupit , clown and not in charge
    just thinks he is
    and everything he touches fails
    Failure is HIS only option
    deals with traitors and terrorist is a norm for joe the criminal

  7. What about the death warrant he signed for the Americans left behind….Bengazi….just turns his back and walks out of the room

  8. Joe Biden should be tried as a Traitor of the United States, he has been helping out enemies all along and what he has done now to the Americans and the Afghani who helped us is outrageous, it is inhuman. We ought to put Biden before a Fire Ring Squad and eliminate him all together, he does not deserve anything else. He is a TRAITOR!

  9. I have an important question about Lindsey Graham – why has he ALWAYS voted/approved every judge the democrats bring before the Senate for approval for important appointments to particular courts. I just recently found this out in doing some research. All republicans will vote “no” due to extremists views and not upholding our Constitution, except for Linsey Graham. He is one of those RINO’s that operate behind the backs of his constituencies. When someone asked him about this, he said he wanted to continue to be relevant. Well, I hope word gets out to end his relevancy. Don’t believe his BS – so typical of a RINO.

  10. This “withdrawal” is a disgrace !!! An orderly withdrawal with forewarning of such seems more sensible – but with Biden and his crew it’s to much for them to understand !!! Now America seems as if it’s a stupid country with a cowardly administration with a cowardly commander-in-chief !!! What’s America coming to – stupidity foremost – nothing this administration has done is for the American people !!! Is it to late for America to raise its head again ???

  11. The only thing is, it is not all on Biden! He AND the puppet masters who control him are the ones who should be held accountable!!! Biden should never been allowed to run in the first place, and the stealing of an election, which is being proven more and more every day, should be overturned immediately!!!

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