BREAKING: Joe Biden REVERSES On Afghanistan – Voters Shocked

For a brief, brief moment, we thought the president was doing the right thing.

Turns up, his confused old mind just botched his words once again and the old badger was just trying to blame Donald Trump all along.

He began by saying “I bear responsibility for fundamentally all that’s happened of late.” And that lasted for about five seconds before pulling out the reversal and proclaiming that “you know as well as I do that the former President made a deal with the Taliban that he would get all American forces out of Afghanistan by May 1.”

So which is it, Joe? Because generally people taking responsibility for their actions don’t start incoherently rambling about how it’s somebody else’s fault.

At least he admitted “It’s been a tough day” after arriving to the podium 25 minutes late.

Joe Biden, the people of America deserve better than you.

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11 Responses

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  4. Democrats – Your President is proving just how much of a fool he really is with all of his orders. He is doing everything exactly backward. The civilians should be first and never give the enemy any names, then all equipment (trucks, jeeps, helicopters, armored vehicles, and weapons, then the troops.
    Now with the mess, he made we need to go back and bomb all of our own equipment so they cannot use it against us. Between him and the idiots at the Pentagon, we may be in for a full-out war again. Only this time it could be on our own soil. He has made a career of making mistakes, but this time he just may have caused the worst yet. FACT-CHECKERS PROVE THIS WRONG! I DARE YOU!

  5. Bite me Joe has destroyed anything that had the name of President Trump on it. He did not care what it was, he was going destroy the good President Trump did.

    Glad the Judge let Sidney, Mike and Rudy case to go. This gives WE THE PEOPLE what the Supreme Court and the FBI refused to do. Long live the Republic, Long live the real President, President Trump

  6. It was biden that didn’t react to the event of the president of Afghanistan evacuation of the presidency when he left the country. It was biden who has acknowledged the Taliban as the new rulers of Afghanistan and didn’t throw USAs support to the Afghan Constitution and recognize the Vice President and the Afghanistan military and the new leader. It was biden how has gone to the UN not to fight for the Afghan people but instead has ask the to do a study on how racist America is. It was biden that has ordered his generals to work on developing systemic racism training to our soldiers, instead of keeping their eye on the events that have been unfolding in Afghanistan.
    People this woke President thinks most American are stupid and is using dictatorial powers to fulfill his unknown secret agenda. He is abusing his constitutional powers as president. Wake up ! He and the liberal agenda of the far left are reminiscent of the actions of the Nazis.

  7. I do not care if Trump said this or that YOU JOE BIDEN are the sitting President right NOW & YOU SIR SCREWED UP 100% YOU did all this & have caused countless numbers of US citizens, military, women & allies to be beaten & killed & it isn’t over yet! You & your henchman keep saying all but a few are out yet others who I believe over you say no there are thousands still there! You should not only be impeached, plus all involved that allowed you to do this should be brought up on criminal charges for KILLING all those people!!!

  8. I am senior citizen of this blessed by God fearing country KNOWN AS AMERICA’!!!! What the heck is going on here? Have men been castrated? Are we so infiltrated with snti-Americans that we have FORGOTTEN our history and our values and those who have died for us to have these freedoms? Some of us need to put on our BIG BOY britches and “SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!”

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