BREAKING: He Kicked FLORIDA Out – Biden Infuriates Voters…

Joe Biden has been finding ways to snub Florida as much as possible because of his beef with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The Republican DeSantis has been at odds with Sleepy Joe for a while, and recently came out and blasted Biden for making the residents of Florida suffer because of personal beef.

For example, the Biden administration recently declined Florida’s request for disaster relief funds after two Florida counties were wrecked by tornadoes.

After the tornadoes struck, DeSantis declared a State of Emergency to “unlock our request to the Biden administration for individual assistance.” The money would have helped people displaced by the tornado.

“Unfortunately, that request was denied,” DeSantis explained.

“These things should be above politics when people have needs like this. And if you look kind of, since Biden’s been president, it seems like whatever they can do to thumb their nose at Florida. You know they try to do it.”

DeSantis was absolutely correct. It also sounds like he forgot he was talking to a liberal…

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