BREAKING: Biden Officially OUT After 26% Result – WOW

If he was ever in, he’s not anymore.

Joe Biden has officially fallen out of favor with the American people.

A recent survey conducted by Politico recently exposed His Fraudulency’s absolutely catastrophic numbers.

Almost 75% of American voters believe that this country is on the wrong track.

That’s right, only 26% of American voters believe that the nation is on the right track.

This isn’t a bunch of right-wing nuts out there, this is data being released by Politico. You KNOW they would try to make Biden look good at every opportunity, but his numbers are so bad right now that not even the best PR person could spin Biden’s presidency as a success.

That’s why he looks so stupid when he tries to do it himself.

Just keep yelling, Joe. I’m sure that somebody will listen eventually.

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