BREAKING: New Count Reveals Trump Was Absolutely Right – Evidence Is Clear…

Since Joe Biden was inaugurated, the number of combined legal and illegal migrants in America has climbed by over 1.6 million.

“The 46.6 million immigrants (legal and illegal) in the country in January 2022 is the largest number recorded in any government survey or decennial census going back to 1850,” the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) announced this week.

The CIS’s research director, Steve Camarota says that “It is certainly the case that our legal immigration system … and the conscious decision to purposely not enforce immigration laws against economic migrants, and to release hundreds of thousands of people into the United States, is now being reflected in these January 2022 numbers.”

Ahh, so Biden’s plan to get more Biden voters into the country is working.

“In just the next few years, we’re going to pass the all-time high … America is headed into unknown uncharted territory,” Camarota concluded.

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