Joe Biden makes shocking admission on camera

Democrats can’t seem to get Russia off the brain. In their minds, everything is a Russian conspiracy. The big problem here is that Democrats actually seem to be the ones most involved with Russians. Worse, there’s now evidence of a major American politician doing precisely what Democrats are accusing the Russians of doing, unethically influencing a country’s leadership.

Former-Vice President Biden is recorded on video saying that he used a loan guarantee of $1,000,000,000 to coerce Ukrainian authorities into firing a prosecutor general. And who was the man he got fired? He was an anti-corruption advocate who was installed to address major problems in the Ukrainian government.

It’s tiresome having to write about how hypocritical Democrats are, but they just keep giving me so much material! (Read More…)

Palestinians threaten Trump by burning him in effigy after he cut off aid

President Trump decided to stop sending aid to Palestine when the leaders of the Palestinian Authority snubbed Vice President Pence on a visit to Israel and the surrounding area. President Abbas should have thought twice before he decided to withdraw the invitation to meet.

Now the Palestinians are upset at Trump and Pence and have been burning them in effigy for withdrawing the aid. It turns out that losing 10 percent of your overall budget (which comes directly from American aid) is a big deal. Maybe if they didn’t use that money to subsidize the murder of Jewish people in Israel, they would have a leg to stand on. (Read More…)

Bill O’Reilly returns to television for NewsMax State of the Union analysis

“Bill-O” is back, so it seems. O’Reilly’s sexual assault allegations just barely preceded Harvey Weinstein and the ascendent #metoo movement. He seems to have partially avoided the severe scrutiny that many others who were accused of sexual misconduct experienced. Perhaps because of that fact, his return to television has occurred rather quickly.

NewsMax has announced that O’Reilly will be providing post-State of the Union analysis. The company believes that O’Reilly’s blunt style will be a solid addition to their commentary lineup. We’ll see how the audience feels and whether NewsMax is attacked for bringing him back. (Read More…)

Report: Anti-Trump dossier author may have lied to FBI

Christopher Steele, the author of the Trump-Russia dossier, may have acted unethically. This should surprise virtually no one, but it’s good that we’re all finally learning about what exactly happened a year ago to set this ridiculous cluster of investigations in motion.

A new report purports to have released some of the highly-anticipated FISA memo from Republican investigators in the House Intelligence Committee. According to this report, Steele may have lied to FBI agents who ended up signing the affidavit that led to the FISA warrant authorization. The only question I’m left with is whether anything Steele did or wrote was even remotely honest? I doubt it. (Read More…)

Comey praises corrupt agent Andrew McCabe for defying the “small people” trying to tear down the FBI

Comey doesn’t seem to have any shame. From the very outset, his behavior has been genuinely embarrassing to the nation’s intelligence services. It looks like he also lied under oath about not having written Hillary Clinton’s exonerating memo before interviewing her. And now this.

On Twitter, Comey decided to come to the defense of Andrew McCabe who has effectively resigned in disgrace.

Good riddance to both Comey and McCabe. If you can’t be impartial when you’re investigating, you have no business being in that position. (Read More…)

Russian jet flies dangerously close to U.S. aircraft – within 5 feet

Over international waters two days ago, a Russian fighter pilot encountered an American surveillance aircraft. Before the American plane reached Russian airspace, the fighter jet flew directly in front of the plane, at one point coming within 5 feet of a collision. Such a maneuver can be exceptionally dangerous given that the jetwash of the Russian aircraft could have interfered with the American aircraft and caused a serious issue.

Russian military authorities have denied the accusation that anything out of the ordinary happened, and maintained that the fighter jet was merely preventing the surveillance plane from entering Russian airspace. Hopefully, cooler heads prevail here and this sort of behavior stops. (Read More…)

Sign the Conservative Institute’s term limits petition!

The Conservative Institute has launched a new petition to create term limits for members of Congress.

Our government was never intended to be a government of professional career politicians. But without term limits, many of our Representatives spend decades in Congress, growing ever more corrupt and out of touch.

Join me in calling for this crucial reform that will return us to a Republican form of government. Sign the petition now! (Read More…)

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