BREAKING: Biden Losing His Marbles In Front Of Nation – Watch If You Dare

Joe Biden is losing his marbles.

The Uvalde tragedy has gotten all of us shaken up.

Unfortunately, Biden’s been crazy for quite some time before this, so it’s really hard to tell if he’s just having a tough week because of the tragedy.

To be honest, Biden’s been having a tough time not just this week, but from the moment he took office.

Instead of address the situation for what it was, Biden turned it around on the hunters of America, blaming them for this tragedy.

While rambling that guns should be outlawed, he attacked the hunters apparently taking aim at deer wearing “Kevlar” body armor. There was no other reason, Joe stated, that an American would ever need an AR-15.

I guess we know who’s never been deer hunting.

Let me say it as nicely as I can:

Shut your mouth, Joe.

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