BREAKING: Joe Biden LEAVING – White House Prepares For…

Although Breitbart News seems far from convinced this is the actual purpose of Biden’s trip, the White House previewed what lies ahead for Joe Biden as he departed for Europe on March 23.

The White House said that meetings, summits, talks, and one-to-one diplomacy will feature on Biden’s visit.

Breitbart News, one of the most popular conservative news sites on the web, didn’t seem to think that Biden’s visit was going to accomplish much, and the White House knew it.

The site called Biden’s trip “a hastily arranged visit framed against Russia’s continuing invasion of Ukraine.”

Apparently, Biden’s trip might be nothing more than a PR stunt.

If Breitbart News ends up being correct, and nothing actually gets done, it’s because they had solid evidence in the past to back up that that’s what might happen.

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