BREAKING: Democrat Mutiny Overtakes Joe Biden – He’s Out…

Oh, no.

Poor, poor Joe Biden.

His own party is attacking him.

If he hadn’t lied so much to get where he is, I’d almost feel bad for the old man that liberals are using as their scapegoat.

It’s not just Joe Biden’s incompetence that is causing gas to rise, inflation to soar, and COVID to remain out of control.

Also contributing is every single other elected Democrat.

It’s their policies that have sent this country out of control, Biden’s just the one that has to take the hammering for their failures.

Still though, Democrats would rather make themselves look good by throwing their leader under the bus and pretending they didn’t wholeheartedly support everything he did for the last year.

Joe is saying that inflation isn’t his fault, he thinks it’s being caused by the war in Ukraine.

Other Democrats don’t agree.

Let’s just sit back, grab our popcorn, and let them destroy each other. We know it’s ALL of their faults.

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