BREAKING: Joe Biden Is OFFICIALLY Out – White House Goes Down…

When it comes to his insane $3.5 TRILLION “Build Back Better” bill, Joe Biden is OUT.

Out of ideas, out of opportunities, out of favor, out of time.

As a result, Joe decided to shelve the bill until 2022 after failing to gain the support of Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia.

The Senate is currently split 50-50 between the parties, which means that EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT VOTE is needed in order to force a tiebreaker that would come in the form of vice president Kamala Harris. Because Manchin refuses to sell his soul to Biden, it’s simply not going to happen. And with Democrats in brutal shape when it comes to 2022 midterms, it’s now or never for them.

Every minute that passes makes it look more and more like it’s going to be never.

Biden shouldn’t get so upset, after all, this bill wasn’t even originally his. He adopted it from socialist Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who proposed it as a vehicle for the “Green New Deal” to make its way into American law.

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