BREAKING: Secret Tunnel Proves Biden Is GUILTY – America Shocked…

Things are getting our-of-control at the southern border.

Over a year of Joe Biden not only not strengthening the border, but actually making it easier for illegal immigrants to get into America is really starting to take a real toll on this country.

Recently, a 1,700 cross-border tunnel was discovered underground, showing just how big of a problem the situation at the border really is.

Joe Biden, and all Americans really, have lost complete control of our border. The thing that keeps America safe.

Biden is even on his horse to make it even easier for illegal immigrants to get through with his attempted discarding of Title 42.

Estimates say that over 30,000 immigrants per day will flood our southern border if Title 42 is repealed.

Two dozen Republican states are challenging the decision to end Title 42 with a lawsuit.

They’ll have to act fast, Biden has Title 42 scheduled to end on May 23.

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