BREAKING: America REVOLTS Against Biden – Invasion Announcement…

It really is almost shocking just how many things Joe Biden is seriously failing at.

The border, the economy, gas prices, premature evacuation in Afghanistan, COVID, vaccine mandates… the list goes on and on of things that Joe Biden has bungled.

Well, add one more to that list. It’s not just me claiming it either, America seems to agree.

Just 40% of voters approve of the way Joe Biden has handled to conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Forty-five percent of voters disapproved of Joe’s handling, meaning that the old man is five points underwater on the issue. That puts it just about in line with his general approval rating.

Fifty-eight percent of the country said they would hold Biden responsible if the conflict causes another surge in American gas prices, compared to just 28% of people who would let him off the hook.

Those are truly some dismal numbers. But hey, it could always be worse. He could have Kamala’s ratings…

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