BREAKING: Official Count Reveals Donald Trump Had MORE – Joe Biden Humiliated…

While Joe Biden’s State of the Union address drew over 38 million viewers, it really didn’t live up to the numbers liberals were probably hoping for.

President Trump drew 45.6 million viewers during his first address in 2018.

Keep in mind that those are just the raw totals, when you consider that America’s population continues to grow and Biden has more viewers than ever before to pull from things are even more disappointing.

The trend isn’t a new one for Biden, who is also falling short of the viewership marks set by fellow liberal Barack Obama.

Biden’s 2020 address to Congress drew in 27 million views. Trump’s address to Congress pulled in almost 48 million.

Biden’s hour-long address was most-viewed on Fox, who recorded 7.2 million viewers. CBS recorded 4.9 million and CNN drew 4.7 million.

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