Biden HEALTH News – We Found Something Disturbing…

Bombshell health news about former Vice President Joe Biden just leaked. Something has been found, and it’s disturbing — this could be the end for him.

After this week’s Democratic presidential debate, former Obama advisor David Axelrod appeared on CNN to give his take. “At times, the vice president seemed somewhat confused to me in handling some of the questions,” he said.

As a result, said Axelrod, he “actually seemed a bit defensive.” Anyone who spent time watching the debate knows exactly what Axelrod is talking about, but it’s interesting that he brought this point up.

With Biden getting “confused” by several questions, despite being a seasoned politician, it’s difficult to avoid thinking that perhaps he’s not as sharp as he used to be. And, let’s be honest, he’s never been that sharp.

But it was enough of an issue that even Axelrod, who knows Biden very well, felt the need to say something on national television. Is Obama’s inner circle looking for someone other than Biden to carry the mantle?

It’s definitely possible. Given Biden’s age and poor debate performance, political loyalty only goes so far. Insiders like Axelrod care about one thing: Winning. And if it means dumping Biden, then so be it.

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