Biden Health Meltdown… I Was Afraid Of This

Former Vice President Joe Biden just had a health meltdown. His supporters were afraid of this all along, and here’s proof. He’s not ready for a grueling campaign.

Clearly, Biden is concerned about his health and the public’s perception of it, so he’s now challenging Trump to physical contests to compensate. “I would say, come on Donald, come on, man. How many push-ups do you want to do here, pal?” said Biden.

He was responding to a question posed to him on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ program about how he’d react if Trump brought up his mental or physical state. It is obvious that Biden’s consultants have told him to take this route in order to appear “tough.”

Biden continued: “It’s like I was in a parade in Independence, Missouri. And I always run in parades… and a fellow from Independence who was a Trump supporter said, ‘Hey sleepy Joe!’ I said, ‘Come run with me, Jack. Come on, man!'”

We can expect Biden to continue this strategy for the foreseeable future whenever Trump or anyone else brings up his health. However, it has yet to be seen how much good it’s going to do. People know him too well now, and so does Trump.

“I’m used to bullies,” Biden continued, speaking about Trump.  “I know it will be, not an honorable campaign he’ll run, but I’m not backing down at all from him.” Our president is going to eat him alive just like he did Hillary Clinton.

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