BREAKING: Joe Biden DISAPPEARS – White House In Full Alert…

It’s getting even worse for President Joe Biden, as his sinking approval rating might already have earned him a permanent spots on many “worst presidents of all-time” lists.

Not only has his fan base shrunk, it’s nearly disappeared completely. Biden’s approval ratings have now sunk below both the approval ratings for Tony Fauci AND Kamala Harris, two of the biggest villains in American history.

A recent Gallup poll found that Biden’s likeability was among the worst in the country, not exactly a desirable quality when you’re aiming for reelection. The Gallup poll news wasn’t good, but it seemed downright cheery compared to the report Civiqs polling recently released.

Instead of supporting Biden, many democrats are already turning on him in acts of self-preservation, already conceding democrat chances as a whole in 2022 and hoping that distancing themselves from the loony-in-chief will at least keep themselves alive.

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