BREAKING: Joe Biden Declared GUILTY In Stunning Turn – He Did It

Even Barack Obama’s team has had enough of Joe Biden.

Dirty Joe keeps trying to buy votes by pumping stimulus checks and student loan forgiveness and $100 gas vouchers into the American public.

The only thing that has never crossed Joe’s mind is who’s going to pay for him to buy all these votes?

The American people, combined with inflation are going to cover the bill, that’s who.

Even Steve Rattner, who served as counselor to the Treasury Secretary during Obama’s run, thinks its completely fair to blame Joe Biden for the wild inflation we’re seeing in America.

Somebody has to pay for the free money Biden is giving out.

When you vote liberal, you’re voting for inflation.

Even Rattner knows inflation was caused by Joe.

“This problem was, to a considerable degree, self-inflicted, both by our fiscal policy, the stimulus, as well as by the Federal Reserve.”

The American people agree.

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