BREAKING: Joe Biden Goes MISSING – Search Is…

The Build Back Better bill is dead. Joe Manchin, the Democrat’s last remaining hope, has declared he isn’t going to vote for it.

Despite being a Democrat, Senator Manchin of West Virginia simply can’t let his colleagues ruin America by destroying the U.S. Dollar.

Obviously, this upset Biden quite a bit. As we’ve learned in the past from him, when he’s upset, we barely see him for weeks at a time.

It looks like he’s gone into hiding yet again.

After news that Biden’s bill had failed hit the airwaves, Biden immediately cleared his schedule of any work on December 20 and simply decided to hang out in the White House, undisturbed by the population he is supposed to be representing.

As usual, Psaki will take the lead on the White House’s daily briefing to the press, with the exact date that Biden will resurface to the public again remaining uncertain.

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