BREAKING: Hunter Biden Gets News He’s Been Dreading – Here Are The Details…

Thursday, on the “Mark Levin Show,” House Minority Leader Representative Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, stated that when House Republicans lay out their plans for 2022, an important part of the operation is going to be probing the tech companies and media outlets that buried the Hunter Biden laptop story.

So many liberals, whether they were lawmakers or part of the media, simply refused to believe that Joe’s naked little boy Hunter might not be the angel that Jill would like him to be.

From Joe Biden himself, to networks like CNN and tech companies that labeled Hunter’s laptop as “fake news,” McCarthy would like to probe each and every one of these information gatekeepers.

“We’re all getting together, in another week or so…and we’ve been working for the past year to work together to lay out our agenda to tell the American people what we’re for. We’re going to lay out how do we secure the border, parents’ bill of rights, how do we curb this inflation and stop it, how do we make America strong again, how do we [make] our streets safe and secure, and then also what we’re going to do is how we’re going to hold this administration accountable. An attorney general that goes after parents, where the origins of COVID actually started, why did Afghanistan happen that way? And now, The New York Times and Twitter, they’re now finally admitting that that laptop was Hunter Biden’s, did they keep that just to influence an election?”

“Now, they admit that laptop is true,” McCarthy concluded. “So, is what’s on that laptop true? Is what he says about the money and what he was looking for and who the money went to? That raises a whole other set of questions.”

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