Biden Gets Confused, Forgets What Year It Is…

Mike Pence had to remind Biden what year it was, and who was the Vice President.

During the Democrat debate, Joe Biden appeared to get confused and said: “I’m the Vice President of the United States.”

Pence, in between responding to Democrat proposals, set the record straight saying, “I am the vice president of the United States of America.”

The list of verbal mistakes Biden has made grows longer and longer. From his blatantly racist statement on “poor kids” intelligence, to mistaking Vermont for New Hampshire, Biden still can’t seem to get things right.

Biden’s affirmative statement that “he is the VP” will be particularly amusing if Biden gets the nomination. Pence will enjoy using that line during the VP debates.

In case Biden has forgotten again, it is 2019 not 2009. Biden is not the VP, and if he keeps these gaffes up he won’t be the President either.

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