BREAKING: Joe Biden Is FINISHED After Shock Verdict – It’s Official…

Even Joe Biden’s own team is forced to admit it.

Dirty Joe’s campaign pollster, John Anzalone, recently called “the 2022 political environment is the worst he has experienced since Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992.”

“It’s the worst political environment that I’ve lived through in 30 years,” Anzalone began. “There’s a big difference between losing 7 and 10 seats in the House and getting your ass kicked and losing 35, 40.”

“I think we really have the ability to keep the Senate,” he continued. “No one’s going to sit there as a Democratic consultant and try to bullshit you that this is anything but a really sour environment for Democrats.”

Anzalone’s claim of a sour environment, especially toward liberals, is certainly supported by recent poll numbers.

Countless surveys have found Donald Trump absolutely throttling Dirty Joe in a hypothetical head-to-head rematch in 2024.

But that’s where Anzalone disagrees. Or at least, that’s where he SAYS he disagrees when it comes to Trump’s chances in 2024.

Perhaps just to save face, he says it’s commonly accepted in the Democratic Party that there is nobody that could beat Trump except for Joe Biden.

If that’s really the case, they’re in even worse trouble than we though.

“Even at his lowest approval rating, he still beats Donald Trump,” Anzalone concluded. Kind of refreshing to have the proof we need to know that liberals are still fake news, huh?

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